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There may be some pencil and pen marks otherwise it is in very good condition.

Authors: Robin Adamson, Peter Bartlett, John Devereux, Chloe Gallien and others

Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton

Publication Year: 1988

ISBN-13: 9780340424605

ISBN-10: 0340424605


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En fin de compte… is a new degree level course in French language, which reflects the latest developments in methodology whilst retaining a structured approach to language-learning. The course is based on a communicative teaching and study method which brings students’ skills and knowledge more closely in line with their needs as graduating linguists. Each of the ten modules centres around linguistic input on a particular topical theme, from printed sources and video (two video cassettes are packaged with the Tutor’s Book). This material is used as the basis for analysis in terms of `communicative grammar’ and then for practice in verbal strategies to achieve specific communicative aims ins poken and written French. Oral work relates to the student’s future social and professional needs, making intensive use of normal management techniques for reporting, interviewing, decision-making etc, as well as bilateral interpreting. These activities are followed by written assignments which reinforce the skills acquired as well as moving into translation. En fin de compte… has been successfully developed and trialled in universities and polytechnics of all types over a period of six years, and has been shown to create conditions for an all-round improvement in linguistic proficiency.

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ISBN 9780340424605


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