Huis clos, suivi de Les mouches by Jean-Paul Sartre, Rare Vintage Book

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Condition: Few pages are off the binding, pen/pencil writing on many pages

Publisher: Gallimard
Format: Paperback
Printed: France
Language: French
Published: 1969


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“Huis clos, suivi de Les mouches” is a philosophical play by Jean-Paul Sartre that explores the themes of existentialism, free will, and the human condition. The play is divided into two parts, “Huis clos” and “Les mouches,” both of which are renowned for their thought-provoking and intense narratives.

The first part of the play, “Huis clos” or “No Exit,” is set in a single room in hell. The room is inhabited by three characters, Garcin, Inez, and Estelle, who are all dead and have been sent to hell. The play follows the characters’ interactions as they struggle to come to terms with their new reality and the reasons for their damnation. Sartre’s portrayal of the characters’ psychological torture and their attempts to justify their past actions is compelling and thought-provoking, forcing readers to question their own moral choices and the consequences of their actions.

The second part of the play, “Les mouches” or “The Flies,” is based on the Greek myth of Orestes. The play explores the theme of freedom and the human desire for individuality, as Orestes grapples with the weight of his family’s past and his own moral choices. Sartre’s adaptation of the myth is both insightful and thought-provoking, providing readers with a new perspective on the timeless tale.

“Huis clos, suivi de Les mouches” is a fascinating and engaging read for anyone interested in existentialism, philosophy, or the human condition. Sartre’s masterful use of language.

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