Les Corbeaux by Henry Becque, Rare Book

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Condition: Pen writing on the inside of cover. Excellent condition

Format: Hardcover
Printed: UK
Language: French
Reprinted: 1964


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Les Corbeaux by Henry Becque is a dark and intense play that explores the corrosive power of envy and jealousy within a small group of friends. The play is set in Paris during the late 19th century and centers around a group of six characters, all of whom are connected by their association with a wealthy and influential businessman named Monsieur Léonidas.

At the heart of the play is the character of Madame Cora, a beautiful and charismatic woman who is married to Monsieur Léonidas. Despite her privileged position, Madame Cora is deeply unhappy and is consumed by jealousy and envy towards her husband’s friends. She becomes determined to destroy their happiness and ruin their lives, using her wit and charm to manipulate and betray those around her.

The play is filled with complex characters, each of whom has their own motivations and desires. The dialogue is sharp and incisive, with each character’s words revealing their true feelings and intentions. As the plot unfolds, the tension between the characters grows, leading to a devastating climax that exposes the darkness at the heart of their relationships.

Overall, Les Corbeaux is a powerful and compelling play that offers a searing commentary on the destructive nature of envy and jealousy. Becque’s writing is masterful, and he expertly crafts a world filled with complex characters and intense emotions. It is a play that will stay with readers long after they have finished reading it, and is a must-read for anyone interested in French literature and drama.

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