Servitude et Grandeur Militaires by Alfred de Vigny

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Condition: good condition. Pencil writings on some pages. Discolouration and usual wear with age.

Publisher: Nelson, Paris
Binding: Hardback
Printed: France
Reprinted: 1954


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“Servitude et Grandeur Militaires” by Alfred de Vigny is a thought-provoking and poignant reflection on the life of a soldier. Written in 1835, the book is a series of essays that delve into the harsh realities of military life and the emotional toll it can take on those who serve.

Vigny, who was a veteran of the Napoleonic Wars, writes with a deep understanding of the sacrifices and struggles of soldiers. He examines the paradoxical nature of military service, where soldiers are expected to serve and obey without question, yet also possess a sense of individuality and personal honor.

The book also explores the complex relationship between the military and society. Vigny argues that the military is often romanticized and idolized, but ultimately, soldiers are treated as disposable pawns in the game of politics and war. He laments the loss of individuality and freedom that comes with military service, but also acknowledges the sense of purpose and camaraderie that can be found among soldiers.

Throughout the book, Vigny’s writing is both poetic and philosophical. He uses vivid descriptions and powerful imagery to convey the harsh realities of military life, but also delves into deeper questions about the nature of duty, honor, and sacrifice.

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